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BAYCO designs, manufactures and sells innovative and cost effective heat-cleaning solutions. We can engineer and build any custom oven to your exact specifications. Heavy duty applications, conveyer systems, alternative fuels, etc. We can help!

The Heat Cleaning Process (Controlled Pyrolysis)

  • Product is cleaned using heat that rises from the firebox chamber to process the load at an evenly controlled temperature. Coatings thermally degrade into a dry dust that requires no special disposal.
  • All toxic fumes are contained in the process chamber and flow directly into the afterburner for destruction. Stack emissions are free of harmful pollutants.

BAYCO OvenCommon Industries and Applications

  • Coating and Finishing (paint hooks)
  • Electric Motor Rewinding
  • Plastics, polymers and injection molding
  • Automotive parts and engine rebuilding
  • Recycling and precious metal reclaim

Green for the environment, Green for your wallet

  • Heat Cleaning is a safer and more cost effective cleaning process compared to using abrasive media or harsh solvents.
  • Get rid of the added costs and liability associated with hazardous waste disposal.

Product Safety

  • Heat Cleaning does not allow any direct flame impingement with the product. Heat flows evenly throughout the load to bring the product to temperature.
  • Temperatures are accurately controlled to prevent over-heating using Microprocessor-based digital controllers and redundant over-temperature safeties.
  • Heat rises naturally: our bottom firebox design ensures even heat distribution throughout the load and an efficient cleaning process.