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Beginning in 1978, AXE Equipment began setting industry standards by introducing its first manual stroke cylinder honing machine. Shortly thereafter, AXE Equipment began manufacturing the first of what has become the most unique series of spraywashers in the industry, a spraywasher with a built in hot tank using a lay down door design. This unique design began giving machine shops double value for their investment, and with the lay down door design, shops were able to maintain a much drier and organized cleaning area. AXE Equipment continues to be the only manufacturer with a complete line of spraywashers using these unique features. With the environmental issues surrounding spraywashers in the 1980's, AXE Equipment again set another industry standard by introducing the first complete closed looped spraywasher cleaning system in September 1989. This system continues to give engine rebuilders the benefits of wet cleaning in a zero discharge fashion. After purchasing the T. Hoff Company in 1990, AXE Equipment began setting the standards for cylinder head pressure testers. Introducing the Model UP1437 Axe Universal Pressure Tester in April of 1991. This design allowed rebuilders an under water submerging process along with a rapid head clamping system, and universal plate application. It quickly and accurately pinpoints cracks, pin holes, porosity problems, and other defects that could go un-detected by conventional pressure testers. AXE Equipment also offers other products such as engine stands, glass bead cabinets, filtration systems, oil skimmers, agitating hot tanks, and custom sheet metal products upon request.