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For 50 years, RMC has imported cylinder boring mills, surface mills and crankshaft grinding machines from some of the best factories in Europe. Here at home, RMC manufactures a line of belt sanders, cylinder honing machines and piston pin presses to round out its product line and offer you more solutions to your engine rebuilding needs.

But by far the hottest products in RMC's arsenal are the V Series of CNC Machining Centers that RMC has introduced over the past eight years. Combining the best CNC machines from a very select group of well know vendors, RMC has put together a variety of very competitively priced CNC engine rebuilding machining packages. Numerous models are available and are designed to handle the unique engine rebuilding needs of both the high performance and the production engine rebuilders. These CNC machines have the versatility to allow a wide range of other functions and capabilities that only true CNC machining allows.