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Check out these testimonials to see why Guspro is your trusted solution provider.


"To start, the Sunnen SH-4000's that were purchased have been an excellent way for us to get into production honing despite having operators who either aren't experienced with the honing process or have not had a great deal of CNC or computer experience.  Setup is quick and straightforward thanks to the user-friendly controller which carries into operation of the machines as well.  When in operation, size corrections are very easy to make whether the operator wants to use the quick correction buttons or input in the exact correction manually.  Other adjustments can be made quickly as well such as feed force or stroke length, this is all thanks to the easy to locate, easy to read screens on the controller.  Overall, the SH-4000 is a fine piece of machinery that is repeatable and intuitive in a compact size and to top it off looks fantastic on the shop floor.

Guspro's service with Fab (our rep) coming in for the initial startup and training was top notch as well.  Speaking from the training side of things he was knowledgeable, thorough and was quick to find an answer for a question if he wasn't 100% certain of an answer rather than providing false information.  We did have a couple hiccups with the machines at first and Fab was always quick to answer a phone call or text message, was sure to listen to our concerns and was able to help us get the solution we needed.  We could tell that he genuinely wasn't happy until we were satisfied.

All in all, we're thrilled to have the SH-4000's in our shop and are also happy to have a company like Guspro on hand if we ever need service or a quick answer to a problem we're having. "

Mark-- Ontario Drive & Gear, Ontario, Canada



"I would like to pay your company a compliment in their outstanding customer service and support. Steven (your service tech) made an impromptu visit by our facility yesterday on his return trip to Canada, just to see how our oven was working. That was impressive. Whether he went out of his path home or not, the fact he took time to stop in unsolicited, shows a level of customer service that has impressed me. Even though our purchase of this oven was more than six years ago, you have continued to react and service us as though it was purchased last month.

Thanks and we really appreciate what you have done."

Dale-- Tekwell Services, Knoxville, TN

"We recently purchased a Sunnen machine from Guspro Inc. The machine has enhanced our capabilities and exceeded our expectations. Our local Guspro professional has worked tirelessly on our behalf and provided exceptional service. I would highly recommend both Sunnen products and Guspro Inc. for comprehensive solutions!"

Jim -- Four Star Automotive, Alberta, Canada
Four Star Automotive